Welcome and thank you for your interest in our regular presentation design seminar in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Our training is a practical workshop taught in English and suitable for anybody who likes to raise their presentation design skills.

Who is our presentation design training for?

Our presentation design seminar is conceptualized for anyone who needs to use presentations as a form of communication. In particular, but certainly not limited to, will managers and employees in marketing, sales and corporate development departments  gain the biggest benefits from the presented concepts and methods. We are confident that anyone can improve their ability to communicate more effectively with presentations.

Contents presentation design seminar

Examples of what participants will learn:

Focus 1: Structure of presentations

  • The storytelling structure and elements of great presentations
  • Analysis of story structures
  • Constructing the plot
  • Building and presenting a storyboard

Focus 2: Creating sticky messages for slides

  • Convert structure into words
  • How to make the main message stand out on slides
  • 6 principles of communication
  • Creating a storyline with slide titles

Focus 3: Designing effective charts

  • A brief lesson on how we see and process visual information
  • Understanding the context
  • Gestalt principles
  • How to draw attention to where the audience shall focus on
  • Using contrast and colors strategically
  • How to destruct and reconstruct PowerPoint and Excel default charts
  • Data Visualization – how to choose the right chart for the right data
    • How to show that a single number is important
    • How to show that two or more numbers are different or alike
    • How to compare data to a benchmark
    • How to visualize survey data
    • How to show data that is part of a whole
    • How visualize correlation and dependents
    • How to highlight trends
  • Designing sophisticated data charts, such as waterfalls and two sided charts
  • Tools and sources to find good images


Training material

Participants will receive access to a password protected online document, which covers all topics of the training and provide a step-by-step reference for daily usage. Moreover, we provide an overview of useful resources for further reference.



For the workshops, participants require a Laptop or PC with internet access and any version of Excel and PowerPoint.

Next dates

Upcoming trainings will be communicated on May 15