How to create a donut chart in Excel

A donut chart, also known as ring chart, is a special kind of pie chart, that is located in the Excel drop down menu options for pie charts. The donut chart is perfectly suited to visualize data when a single number is important as part of a whole. Preferably the...

Pivot tables in Excel

Apply table formatting to raw data 2. Insert Pivot table: For Mac: Click in table > data > pivot table > create pivot table manually > select existing worksheet > choose a cell to place the pivot table / For PC: Go to insert > tables > pivot...

Important Excel functions

If function Example use case: Calculate commission in the form of 10% for 10.000€ or more turnover, and 5% for commission for turnover that is below. =if(B3>=10000;B3*0,1;B3*0,05) Countif Frequency VLookup Finds a value in a column to the right of a search...

Conditional formatting in Excel

work in progress.... Conditional formatting comes handy if there is too much data to put into a graph or if you quickly want to analyze data in large dataset. This is how it works: Data bars As usual, the first thing to do is to apply table formatting to your dataset,...

Sort and filter in Excel

When you have applied table formatting to your data set, you can now take full advantage of Excel table´s sneaky built in sort and filter functions. You find these functions by clicking on the small triangles in the headline row of your table. Excel directly offers...

Table formatting in Excel

Get a worksheet that is clean, visually appealing, and interactive. You will love to this with every data set in Excel! Table formatting is one of the most powerful Excel tools for anyone who is collecting and interpreting data sets. The big benefit of the table...

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